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Fire and Rescue Serving the Heartland

Nebraska's Serious Injury and Line Of Duty Death Team

Nebraska is blessed to have one of the most responsive LODD teams in the nation! The TEAM is ready to serve our fallen and their families in their worst of times.

      Fire Departments throughout the State of Nebraska may face the difficult task of being involved in an official funeral for one or more of its  members. One of the most difficult questions the department must decide upon is what type  of funeral honors are appropriate for the deceased. In making a decision, primary consideration must be given to the family’s feelings and desires, as well as past or future practices of the department.

The Nebraska Serious Injury and Line of Duty Death Response Team  is available at all times to answer questions or assist in funeral matters. The Response Team has members have been trained on funeral matters and have  extensive funeral experience. We can assist you in many ways. We will respond to your Serious Injury or Line of Duty incidents bringing necessary supplies and knowledge of the benefits process.

The Nebraska Serious Injury & Line of Duty Death Response Team is a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska. It is qualified as a section 501 (c) (3) charitable foundation entitling donors tax deductions for Federal Income.


President: Toby Watts -  402-366-9850

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