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Fire and Rescue Serving the Heartland


Work in committee is at the heart of any great organization. NSVFA's committees - guided by the board - work on the immense details of running a state wide organization with over 8,000 members. We would welcome your service on one NSVFA's committees as an extension to your service to your community.

Nebraska Fire School Committee:

Pat Gould - Director:

Rod Buethe - FS Vendor Chair:

Jeff Horn:

Steve Rounds:

James Sloup:

Nick Vandenberg:

Dan Thompson:

Zach Thompson:

Fire School Adviser - Eric Rasmussen:

Fire School Shop Foreman - Bruce Benne:

Fire School Trainee - Kenny Krause:

EMS Committee:

Rhonda Meyer:

Kendell Brichacek:

Michael D. Fleer:

Renee Gregory:

Terry Janicek: 

Clint Rasmussen:

Election Committee:

Tyrel Fear:  

Buck Bassett:

Steve Dolesh:

Earl Loop:   

Sargent of Arms, Fire House:

Paul Kramer:

James Gustin:

Sargent of Arms, EMS House:

Craig Bristol:

Don Nelson:

Scholarship Committee:

Pat Moore:     

Collin Meints:

Tracy Burns:   

Randall Groetken:

Mike Hoeft:   

Lee Eastburn

Jim Lawson:  

Special Recognition:

Chris Chada:

Randy Barnes:

Gregg Ericksen:

Dale Holbein:

Paul Rasmussen:

Toby Tobiasson:

Dave Fulton:

Rich Leffers:

Marlene Bomar:


Brad Anderson:

Joel Cerny:     

John Bomar:  

Cleon Schwede:

Mark Meints: 

Pat Miller:       

Troy Shoemaker:

Bill Lundy:      

Memorial Committee:

Parrish Abel: 

Toby Watts:  

John Mauch: 

Adam Pickel:

Brad Issac:    

Matt Fitzgerald:

Trista Chriss: 

Quincy Bennett:


Tom Hamernik:

Eric Rasmussen:

Micheal Dwyer:

Marlene Bomar:

Pat O'Brien:  


Ron Chada:    

Jim Mastny:    

Mark Kreikemeier:

Fire Prevention:

Rhonda Cerny: 

Jenie Maloney: 

Bob Tichota:     

Bob Heckman:  

CARE Committee:

David Fulton:   

Marlene Bomar:

Charles Roberts:

Rex Adams:       

Brad Dillon:       

Troy Cowan:      

Cadet Committee:

Chuck Hoffman:

Jim Lawson:   

Kevin Dubbs:         

John Bomar:  

Colin Borgman: 

State Radio Committee:

Brenda Jenny:  

Justin Scamehorn:

Bill Lundy:        

Chris Chada:    

Colin Borgman:

Tom Hamernik:

Eric Van Horn: 

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