Fire and Rescue Serving the Heartland

Types of Membership

Greetings! NSVFA and the Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association is excited to announce that your 2017 membership drive is now open!

Your membership will speak as a strong voice in guiding the future of all Fire & Emergency Services across Nebraska and across the country.


100% Departments

$20 per membership
  • Annual Membership
  • Departments that are enrolling ALL of their members. Membership includes ALL NSVFA benefits including Fire School discount, Advocacy, Insurance, partner discounts and more. 100% departments may add members at anytime – for their cost of those memberships.

Member Only Departments

$110 for the department and chief
  • Annual Membership
  • $20 for each additional member
  • Departments that are enrolling ONLY their department and their chief. This chief is the only one that receives NSVFA benefits, however Member Only Departments can add members for $20 each UNTIL Dec. 31st. Members would receive benefits.

Fire Chiefs Association

$20 per Fire Chiefs membership
  • Annual Membership
  • The Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association supports the fire service through training, advocacy, networking, scholarships and leadership. Several officers can join. Memberships include Active and Associate memberships.

Gold Memberships

$22 per GOLD membership
  • Annual Membership
  • This membership is for any past member of a fire/emergency service department who has either left their respected department due to a job move, illness, or retirement. Gold members receive all of the benefits of membership, except the fire school discount and may NOT hold office.

Newspaper Subscription

$10 per subscription
  • Annual Membership
  • If you’re not a fire department member but have an interest in Nebraska Fire Happenings, this membership is for you! No other membership benefits apply.

Corporate Sponsorships

Costs range from $1,000 to $3,000
  • Annual Membership
  • This is a great opportunity to support NSVFA and connect with the 8000 members we represent. Membership categories include Gold, Silver and Bronze.