Fire and Rescue Serving the Heartland

The Nebraska Fire Chiefs

The Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association’s mission is to promote the fire service throughout the State of Nebraska through sponsorship of Firefighter Training Seminars and support of legislation deemed important to volunteer firefighters, volunteer emergency medical providers and the fire service in the State of Nebraska.  The organization assists all fire departments by actively promoting leadership and involvement at the highest level.  Through fellowship in this organization, leaders continue to learn new methods from each other to maintain well trained, professional fire departments on a local level.

Photographs from the 3rd Annual Fire Chiefs Leadership Symposium

Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association Officers:

Troy Shoemaker - President   

Kenny Krause - Vice President

Randy Barnes - Past President

Darrell Vance                              

Clint Rasmussen - Director     

Pat Gould - Director                  

Steve Rounds - Director           


Fire Departments may have several officers eligible for membership. Two types of membership, “active” and “associate” are available and are described below.  Dues for each membership, whether “Active” or Associate” is $25.00 and a worthwhile investment in the Nebraska Fire Service.

Note the membership application below.