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Fire and Rescue Serving the Heartland

2017 NSVFA SAFER Grant

STRIVE is backā€¦And it is time to start Applying!


The Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association was awarded another SAFER Grant to assist in the recruitment & retention of volunteer firefighters across the state. We are excited to announce that within that grant there are funds to reimburse volunteers, and their family members, for higher education costs.


Most of you are probably familiar with this program from the previous grant. Some of the guidelines have changed & some of them have stayed the same. Basic program overview:

  • Future Application Deadlines: September 1 & March 1 of every year between now & March 2022
  • A minimum of 75 volunteers will be approved each year
  • Make a 2-year commitment to volunteer at your local department & receive up to $4,400 towards tuition, books & fees per school year
  • Can transfer benefit to a close family member (defined as someone living in your household and/or claimed on your taxes)
  • Must meet minimum requirements to be considered

Please visit to find all the program documents. It is important that you read the Administrative Guide to verify that you meet the minimum standards.


Other programs offered with this grant include free Retention & Recruitment Workshops.


We look forward to sharing these great programs with all of you over the next 4 years!

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